Using Yoga to Help Mommy Hip

Using Yoga to Help "Mommy Hip"

You know what it is: one hip pushed out to the side when standing, usually to hold a child. In the physical therapy world, it is “Hip Adduction Syndrome.” Daddies can get it too, and so can non-parents, but women who are mothers are most susceptible. Over time, standing this way puts pressure on the hip and predisposes the lower back, knees, neck and shoulders to arthritis.


What Is That Pinch in My Hip?

What Is That Pinch in My Hip

Child’s pose, reverse pigeon, happy baby… these poses are favorites for many people. They can promote the deep relaxation that comes from releasing the hips.

But there are some who cannot achieve this relaxation due to a pinching sensation in the front of the hip. The pinch most commonly occurs when the thigh is pulled toward the chest (hip flexion).


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